Tips to choose a good accountant for your business When it comes to your business and it’s financials you want to make sure you are choosing the right accountant for the job. Having the right accountant is essential for your business to grow and stay in compliant with federal compliance upon tax season. You want to find one that does more just manage your accounts but keeps an eye out on how save the business money. Accountants Melbourne is dependable and reliable to get the job done for your business. Here are a few things to considering when picking out an accountants Melbourne for your business. Consider the following factors when an accountant handles your business financial needs.

1.Does location matter – In today’s time it is all about preference now, ask your self is it important for your account to be nearby or can he/she be remote and work off what they call “cloud based services”. Both services, cloud based service or a local account are both great options, it boils down to what your most comfortable with and how you want you’re your financials handled. Like you will be better off choosing a Chartered Accountant like Preda , someone based in CBD if you live in big cities like Melbourne.

2.Do you want a certified or chartered accountant – either one are great options to have, both very knowledgeable and both can assist your business to grow, the big thing is to make sure you hire one on at the beginning of your business then later on, it will make it easier to manage your business financials that way. It is about preference on which you prefer, do your research and pick the best one you feel is best to meet the standards of the business.

3.Relevant expertise – you want to be able to hire an accountant who has experience in the same or at least similar field of your business. You want someone who knows what they are looking for and how to manage your financials. You would not want someone who is not experience or at least have some experience in the field could really damper your daily business profits. Like if you use accounting softwares like Xero or Myob you will be better off with someone who can train you in them as well. Some people offer this as a service check these guys based in Ferntree Gully.

4.Find someone who is proactive- When looking for the account for your business you want to make sure they are proactive, a part of your business not just someone who will manage your accounts and will do your tax returns at the end of the year. Find someone who will get down and dirty with you, show you ways on how you can save your company money. You want an account who knows the difference in tax laws for example someone who can tell you the difference between tax avoidance (legal) and tax evasion (usually illegal).

5.What software is being used – You want to make sure whatever software they use as compared to what you use can be linked or be trained on how the program works so this way all parties are on the same page and can eliminate confusion arises in future. A clear picture of your financials is key and something that is easy to understand. You want to be able to look at your figures and know what you are looking at.

6.Negotiate fees – Shop around, do not get stuck with an expensive service that someone else can also provide for a cheaper rate. It is important to inquire about different services / packages and see what really suites your business and negotiate the fees so this way you are still saving money with your business even though your spending money for their services.

7.Interview – conduct interviews on your qualified accountant for the job. You do not want to just stick with the first prospect you see, feel them out, see if personalities matches, remember they handle your accounts. Think of it as shopping, shop around, interview them, see who you can see handling your business profits and accounts. Check out their personalities, will you get along with them. Make sure they in the Australian directory of accountants (Link here).

8.Ask for References – Do not be afraid to take it a step forward after you interviewed the potential candidate. Ask for some references; make sure who you are interviewing checks out. Check to see if they have a good track record and happy clients. An account that is worth their weight in salt will provide to you peace of mind by providing to you referenced which will speak volume and do not be blind sided with the unknown.

There are so many accountants out there looking for your business. It does seem scary to choose one and find the one that is perfect for your business. Remember your business is your pride and joy and should also be treated as such by all employees including your account that comes on board. Make sure your account also is on the same page knowing your business is the bread and butter. Do not leave it in just anyone’s hands, look around, create a plan and choose the right one for your business, in other words trust your gut. At the end, its always better to look at as many resources as you can from government websites.

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