Moving from one house to another can be a very stressful process if you haven’t planned yourself well. But that does not have to be the case as long as you observe a few things that will make the process easier, faster and stress free. First of all, ensure that you do not have other duties to perform on the day you are planning to move. This is because moving can take a lot of time than you might initially have thought. So it is a good idea to dedicate the full day to the moving process. Ensure that you begin packing as early as possible even before the moving day because packing is one of the things that take a lot of time when planning to move. Being ready with your packing on the day will ensure that you save a lot of time that would be spent on packing alone. Look for enough packing materials like packing boxes that will ensure most of the items are packed well without having to squeeze them together since some items are normally delicate and could be damaged in the process. You can order boxes online or if the moving company can assist in providing you with some, enquire from them if they can drop them off ahead of time. It is also good to get boxes of different sizes that will be suitable for packing the various items. All the essentials should be packed in one packing box or bag because chances are that you could be very exhausted after you have moved and you might need some time to unpack. This will make it easier for you to access your essential items as you rest.


As you continue packing, also make sure that you declutter your belongings. This is very important because it will help you to only pack the items that will be helpful to you and leave behind those that are currently not in use. Another important factor is making inventory of all your belongings. The reason behind this is because during the moving process, a lot of things normally get lost. Some moving companies are normally willing to create an inventory for you. If your moving company does not offer this service, then you need to create it yourself early enough. Consider packing items in the less used rooms first, for example the spare bedrooms, and leave the everyday items until the moving day. Labelling the packing boxes properly will ensure that there is no confusion at the time it will be required to unpack the items and arrange them in your new house. Label the [cardboard boxes]( with the rooms they are going to and a brief summary of what the box contains. If you do not have time to write brief summaries of what the boxes are carrying, you can consider using colored stickers that will help you in categorizing the rooms that they are destined to. Cabinet and cupboard doors should always be left open a few days prior to the moving day. This enables you to be sure that you have packed everything and avoid the last minute rush. ![](download%20%2814%29.jpeg) When it comes to packing the electronics, make sure that you take a photo on how the wiring has been done on them so as to avoid confusion when reconnecting them. Failure to do this might cost you some extra money that you will be required to spend by calling an electrician to help you out in reconnecting the electronics. It is also important to keep a list of all the items that you are supposed to leave behind. You might have agreed that when you decide to move, you will be required to leave things like curtains and freezers behind. To ensure this, consider also putting stickers on all the items that are not supposed to be moved. This might also prevent the moving company from putting them together with the rest of the items. This will help you avoid instances where you will be required to bring back those items hence in the end it will also save you some money and time. In some instances, you might be moving to a house that might be smaller than your current one hence some items like furniture might not get to fit into your new house. In such a case, make sure that you only move with what can fit in the new house and consider selling or donating the items that might not fit in your new house. Also have the measurements of your new house’s doorways just to ensure that all your items will fit through them. This should be done [prior to the moving day]( because if it is left until late, it might force you into leaving some items outside your home which might expose them to bad weather conditions like rain and sunshine. It is also good to consider what your new home has, for example furniture, fitted storage, carpets among others. If for instance you are moving from a house with fitted wardrobes and some other shelves, you might want to consider buying new wardrobes for your new house just to ensure that you have somewhere to hang your clothes. In the case of things like curtains, make sure that you have something ready to cover the windows of your new house or if you can afford, then buy new ones in advance. ![](download%20%2813%29.jpeg) Make sure that the delicate items are packed with maximum care to avoid breakages and damages. Consider packing the breakables like mirrors in clothing so as to save on bubble wrap. Other items like plates should be placed vertically and separated by something like a newspaper so as to keep them from breaking when they are being moved. It is also important to have some cash in hand that will be used to pay the moving company or buying any urgent things. If not close to you, then it might take you a very long time to find it considering that everything will be packed up at this point.